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The Yokohama Advan Game V105 is a profoundly well known tire around the world. It is utilized as a unique hardware tire by driving car makers like BMW and Audi on their superior execution vehicles. PitStopArabia will feature Yokohama Advan Game V105’s critical highlights and analyze the tire against others in a similar class. We will evaluate whether the tire merits the cash in light of UAE conditions.

Max-Performance Summer Tire

It is a maximum presentation summer tire. Many individuals erroneously accept they should visit the courses to partake in the full advantages of a maximum presentation summer tire. Be that as it may, it isn’t true as the Advan Game V105 permits you to do as such on normal streets. This tire conveys an unmatched dry/wet foothold mix and amazing dealing with. How?

The Advan V105 contains innovative materials utilizing cutting edge producing processes, making it the ideal max-execution summer tire. With regards to taking care of, the tire is the most incredible in its group. It wouldn’t be inappropriate to say that the tire knows where and how to go even before the driver.

Designed for High-End Coupes & Sports Cars

This tire is explicitly planned while keeping the exhibition needs of sports vehicles and execution cars. The tire includes a framework rayon body employ which increments unbending nature which is a high priority trademark for such tires. In any case, the normal intensity develop will break down the tires speedier , significance you’ll need to supplant them sooner than anticipated. A similar body handle likewise further develops controlling accuracy.

In the event that your vehicle doesn’t grasp the street, it can mean something bad. The deficiency of foothold is one of the most eminent reasons for car crashes around the world. Yet, you don’t need to stress over losing footing with the Yokohama Advan Game V105. The tire is planned utilizing a high-grade silica compound, which increments footing on dry and wet surfaces. The best thing about this tire is the expanded section region. It lessens the gamble of hydroplaning.

We as a whole fear a games vehicle zooming past us as a result of the stunning sound it produces. A great many people don’t understand that most commotion is because of the tires and not the actual vehicle. Bad quality tires produce deplorable sounds for the outcasts and those inside the vehicle. Advan’s variable multi-pitch track configuration assists downplay the tire with noising. How? The track blocks are isolated into various shapes and sizes.

PitStopArabia has been in the tire business for some time now. One objection we hear from sports vehicle or execution car proprietors is that their tires don’t keep going long. The Advan V105’s Game Compound 5S presents the ideal answer for this issue. This inventive compound, joined with Yokohama’s state of the art innovation, guarantees that the tires offer a more extended track life than others.

The main negative thing we could find about the tire is that it is a piece hard. It doesn’t relax the unfortunate obstacles, which can hamper ease. Be that as it may, this is likewise a strength as a hard tire has low moving opposition and recoveries you petroleum. Likewise, with the sleek streets in the UAE, you seldom run over a rough street in any case.


Now, let’s compare the Advan V105 with others in the same category.

Tire NameRecommend (Y/N)?Wet PerformanceDry PerformanceComfortDurabilityPrice
Yokohama Advan Sport V1059.,879.75
Bridgestone Potenza Sport8.,287.50
Michelin Pilot Super Sport8.,436.85
Pirelli P Zero8.,435.95


The table shows the Advan V105 beating any remaining tires as an all-rounder. The Michelin Pilot Super Game comes close, however insufficient to say that you ought to favor it over the Yokohama Advan Game V105. While Michelin is an incredible tire, it is fundamentally more costly than the Advan V105. Have confidence, you will get a good deal on tires over the long haul in the event that you settle on the Advan V105 tires as they are grippy, sturdy, and eco-friendly. In the event that you actually have any inquiries regarding this or whatever else, get in touch with us.

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