Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 50

Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 50

A lot of people reading this article already realize the importance of investing in top equipment, particularly for those who spend a significant amount of time online playing in competitive gaming. Similar to a top gaming mouse or precise headset, getting the most efficient keyboard, even if it costs less than $50, is vital. It is essential to have the right equipment to defeat your opponents. A budget keyboard isn’t always poor quality.

Keyboards do not always receive the recognition they deserve. But, the keyboard could make an important factor in winning or losing.

Due to esports being extremely popular across the world We thought it was the perfect moment to take a deeper review of some of the most popular keyboards that are accessible to people who are on a tight budget.

This guide will focus on the best keyboards available for under $50 since, we don’t want to spend 150 dollars for a brand new keyboard is it? The keyboards we’ve selected exhibit excellent build quality, superb gaming performance, and offer great value for the money.

Let’s look over what’s to come.

Tecware Phantom 87 Key Mechanical Keyboard

The tenkeyless keyboard comes with the most beautiful designs as well as hot-swappable keys. per-key RGB personalization to the table. An excellent mechanical keyboard priced at less than $50.

The Tecware Phantom is one of the most popular keyboards priced under $50. The TKL size keyboard has RGB and hot-swappable buttons. The Phantom comes with Outemu blues, browns and reds. It’s the most attractive board that we’ve reviewed.

Membrane Pick

This Corsair K55 is one well-built keyboard, and provides an excellent level of performance that which isn’t often seen with membrane switches.

The Corsair K55 might be a dome-shaped membrane keyboard, but it’s constructed to last. The full-size keyboard is RGB backlit, and has a comfortable cushioned wristrest made of rubber. There are plenty of macro-style buttons, and the lighting can be adjusted within the iCUE software.

Compact Pick (60%)

Dierya DK61E is a excellent gaming keyboard that’s just wireless, but it comes with plenty of programmability and personalization at a reasonable cost, and several amazing mechanical keys.

Since it’s a 60% keyboard, you won’t have the variety of keys you’d get with a larger board, however the keys that you do have are programed in a variety of ways using the software that comes with it. It’s not the most intuitive, which can be a problem however it is able to do its job.

Additionally, you can enjoy great RGB backlighting options that can be customized and excellent mechanical Gateron Brown switches that have soft and enjoyable to press, and an excellently constructed board, at a reasonable price.

Alternative Compact Pick (60%)

Redragon requires no introduction since the brand has been offering top-quality keyboards at a bargain cost for quite a while. The K552 is built with a solid metal base and has a an incredibly responsive blue switch.

This Redragon K552 Kumara RGB offers some of the most affordable prices on our top picks. The mechanical board is KL, and it’s only 60% of the size. This small board squeezes everything in a tiny space but still allows for flexible lighting. The design is fantastic and the sturdy base plate gives this feeling far more luxurious than.

Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard

The Razer Cynosa enters the list with the most stunning RGB available. Although it’s not as robust as the K55 the board is amazing.

Its Razer Cynosa is one of the most attractive and attractively designed membrane keyboards on the market, sporting some bright RGB lighting on each key. This large (100 percent) keyboard offers a great value and has anti-ghosting as well as key rollover options making it suitable for the novice gamers.

Selecting the best peripherals for your needs is a difficult decision, no matter if it’s an expensive mouse or a brand new keyboard.

Choosing the right product for your requirements can be a lengthy process of analysis, comparisons, and reading user reviews. Many newcomers are slightly overwhelmed, but worry that you are not alone, WePC is here to assist.

We remove the tedious first step and gather all the information you require together in one location.

How We Test

From gaming mice to mousepads we enjoy getting involved with the various peripherals we suggest. Tests of the equipment is a major element of our overall decision-making process, and is the best way to ensure that an product is best suited option for the task.

Our testing must be passed by the products which is mostly a lot of gaming. There’s also more boring things such as office work included However, the majority, if not all of our recommendations have gone through a rigorous testing procedure.

Gaming keyboards including ones that cost less than $50 we must evaluate quality of build, construction performance, and lastly, worth.

This method allows us to give you an accurate assessment of the performance of a keyboard and, more importantly, if it’s worth the money you’ve spent.

Things To Consider When Buying A Keyboard Under $50

Keyboards Size Comparison

After we’ve reviewed our top keyboard recommendations under $50 and the way we made those choices It is now time to look over the key areas that you should consider to ensure that you buy the right keyboard to meet your requirements.


The right type of shape for your game is essential, based on the area you play in. Keyboards, including those priced under $50 are available in the various sizes that range that range from 40% to 100% full-sized ones.

A fully-sized keyboard is what you’d imagine that a keyboard should be and the keypad is from the right. These kinds of keyboards are big enough to hold luxuries that are that are priced higher including dedicated media keys as well as LCD screens.

Tenkeyless(TKL) boards vary in size from 40% to 80percent. They don’t come with an on-right keypad, which means you have to utilize the numbers over the letters. The smaller the board gets, the more function keypads are rotated around in order to fit the limited space available and result in interesting layouts that are space-saving.

40 40% of keyboards restrict the number of keybinds you can play with in-game. They can be small enough for a pocket however they are usually missing numbers keys, arrow keys, or function buttons. are compressed.

Mechanical Switch vs Membrane Switch

Switches can be a hazard for themselves with regard to keyboards, however they are the most important element of any keyboard. With a price of less than $50, keyboards, users are limited to non-branded options for mechanical switches and the less expensive membrane dome style switch.

The type of switch you choose is completely yours to decide however, in most cases mechanical switches are the most effective alternative. The mechanical switches tend to be more durable over time, provide greater variety and are extremely responsive.

Certain manufacturers restrict the variety of switches available from, but in our selection there’s something to suit all. Switches with red designs tend to provide gamers with a quick linear choice and makes typing seem fluid and quick. Blue style switches offer an audible, tactile click action to the keypress, but additionally, they generate a lot of sound when compared with Reds as well as Membrane.

Membrane is typically spill resistant and is quite responsive however, over time it can be flattened and make it more difficult to press. Membrane is more affordable and many appreciate the soft sensation.

MACRO Keys and MEDIA Keys

Aesthetics Vs. Comfort: RGB And Wrist Rests

The appearance and attributes of the keyboard won’t impact the performance of your gaming, but they are always a great thing to own. Keyboards that cost less than $50 have plenty of features like RGB but you’ll be unable to locate a few that have wrist rests.

All of our options aren’t comfortable and all come with a height adjustment that will maintain the same level of comfort, however you might consider looking at other top-quality options if you’re in the market for wrist rests or dedicated media keys or USB-pass-throughs.

Macros are simple to add in software-based companies and a few of the ones we have listed include this feature. Media keys, as we’ve mentioned aren’t easy to find, however, the highly-regarded budget-friendly master the K55 includes this function.

At this price you can anticipate that most keycaps utilized will be made from ABS plastic. It’s acceptable for the price, but they’ll start to degrade with time and eventually appear unattractive. But there are some options that are upgradeable in terms of keycaps So don’t fret about getting the most value from your keyboard that is budget-friendly!

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