Best Shoes for Kids – Shoes with High Rating and Most Selling

Best Shoes for Kids

Your toddler’s feet may be tiny, but they’re made up of 26 bones, 35 joints, and a complex network of muscles, ligaments, and nerves just like ours. You may wonder when it is time to get a pair of shoes for your toddler’s feet. Read about Best Shoes for Kids below.

With so much to consider and so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to figure out what type of toddler shoe is best for early walkers. Here are some points to ponder when choosing shoes for your toddler, as well as some suggested brands and tips for getting the right fit. You can always visit Job Search in the UK to find jobs in stores.

When can children wear functional shoes?

Your toddler’s age will determine when you should put them in functional shoes. Most babies begin walking sometime around the 1-year mark (although depending on the child, this could be 11 months, it could be 14 to 16 months).

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), barefoot is best at first. Walking without shoes allows your child’s feet to grow and strengthen from heel to tip. When your toddler begins to walk more often and ventures outside, it is time for you to think about shoes.

You’ll need something that allows for freedom and full-motion outdoors. It will also protect your feet from injury. Shoes are the answer.

What should you look for in toddler shoes

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, new walkers’ feet are growing so rapidly that their first pair of shoes might only last them 2 to 3 months. You should also check your child’s shoes at least once a month.

While the shoes you buy should be worth your time and money, remember that your child will likely be growing out of the shoes very quickly. (Read: Avoid racking up credit card debt by buying tiny designer sneakers.

When shopping for toddler shoes, it is important to choose lightweight and sturdy footwear that is not too rigid. Natural materials are preferred as they allow for the feet to breathe while also keeping them dry.

Beyond that, the APMA says there are three main areas to examine when choosing toddler shoes.

  1. Cup for the heel: When you pinch the shoe between your thumbs and index fingers, it should not fall around your toddler’s heel.
  2. Toe flexibility: Your toddler should be able to move their soles, but not too much.
  3. Rigid middle You should grasp the shoe with both your hands so that it doesn’t slip in the middle.

There are many options for toddler shoes, including a variety of colors and features. You might consider creating a checklist to help you choose the right pair.

  • Your toddler’s foot shape (wide, narrow, etc.)
  • The season that you are in (cold, summer, rain, etc.).
  • Your preferred materials (artificial, leather)
  • Your budget (some toddler shoes can be quite expensive!)
  • Your child’s foot condition (if any)
  • Your intended use (everyday shoes, hiking/playgrounds, water play, etc.).

How to choose the best toddler shoes

We focused our search on sturdy shoes that can be worn for various activities. All of these shoes received great ratings from parents like you and the APMA. We also read a lot reviews, both positive and negatively.

The best toddler shoes for walking

Momo Baby Leah and Hunter

Momo Baby’s “first walker” shoes Leah and Hunter, by Momo Baby, allow for great flexibility and support the foot. Flexibility allows your child to shift their weight from the rear to the front of the shoes and develop a normal gait pattern.

These shoes have a mesh construction for increased breathability, and a fan-shaped box for extra space. These shoes bridge the gap between regular and crib shoes, according to reviews.

Take into account these pointsThese shoes are best for narrow feet, according to parents. They also run on the larger side. Some others feel that the shoes are not as durable as they appear at first.

Best toddler shoes for wide feet

New Balance Kids’ 888 V2

Although many brands are known for their wide widths, New Balance offers two widths for its 888 sneaker. This is a great option for wider feet. One reviewer mentioned that the extra-wide width was useful for fitting a leg brace.

Rubber outsole, an impact-absorbing midsole and reflective safety tape are some of the other features. Another reviewer expressed their joy at finding such a wide shoe and said that Velcro is more common in XW shoes than Yeti.

Take into account these pointsThe sole of this shoe is generally more rigid than other shoes on the list. The Velcro straps can break with wear, according to some reviewers. Parents report that these shoes are true to size. Best choice for kids, as part of Best Shoes for Kids list.

The best toddler sandals for adventure

Keen Newport Toddler Sandals

The Keen Newport, the best-selling sandal, is made for summer fun. The small sandal has multiple adjustable components, including straps and hook-and loop. You can choose from a variety of colors.

The supportive, synthetic outsole provides protection for your toes and water channeling for creek adventures. These shoes have been described as “comfortable right from the beginning” by reviewers. The adjustable nature makes even the pickiest children happy.

Take into account these pointsMany people have complained that the size of these sandals does not match other Keen sizes. You may need to order a larger size. Some people say that this sandal is too difficult to put on for toddlers. Some people also claim that the sandals can cause sweaty feet and excessive heat for children who wear them for prolonged periods of time.

Most adorable toddler sandals

Saltwater Sweetheart Sandals

Saltwater sandals can be described as the most classic of all sandals. Sweetheart sandals have a leather lining, footbed and a synthetic textured sole that prevents slippage. You can match this sandal with any outfit by choosing from a variety of bright colors or metallics.

These sandals have been praised by reviewers for their ability to get wet.

Take into account these pointsThis style sandal is recommended for children with narrow feet, according to some reviewers. Some reviewers say that the size is inconsistent with other brands. You may need to wear a few pairs to find the right fit. More than one person also mentioned that the Sweetheart’s two-buckle design can lead to chafing or blisters.

Best orthopedic shoes for toddlers

Memo Orthopedic Toddler

The Memo shoe system is a great option for children with foot problems. Pediatric orthopedists recommend Memo for treating abnormalities and conditions, such as edema. Best choice for kids, as part of Best Shoes for Kids list.

They are stylish, fashionable and available in many color options. Reviewers agree that Memo shoes are high quality and deliver on their promises.

Take into account these pointsThese shoes are quite expensive. These shoes are expensive, and toddlers can grow very quickly so you might not get as much wear out of your money. However, it is possible to save money by correcting foot problems before they become more serious. Talk to your doctor about whether these shoes are suitable for you, or if you should try a different type.

Winter’s best toddler shoes

Bogs Waterproof Insulated Boots

Bogs are known for their rain boots. This insulated version is great for cold days because it’s rated for temperatures down to 14°F (-10°C). These boots are very easy to put on and take off for toddlers. They can also be machine washed.

Take into account these points many parents have mentioned that these boots, despite their name, are not suitable for children with autism. Actually Waterproof Depending on your climate, you might also want to look at the bogs B-Moc Winter BootThere are limited quantities of certain sizes and colors. These boots are a bit large according to some reviews, so it is worth sizing down.

Comfortable toddler shoes

See Kai Run Stevie II

See Kai Run shoes are made with children’s feet in mind. They have wide toe boxes and a flexible sole that allow for freedom of movement.

Reviewers give the Stevie II high marks for its design and superior quality materials. The rubber outsole has a zigzag pattern to increase traction. Faux elastic laces allow for a custom fit. Best choice for kids, as part of Best Shoes for Kids list.

Take into account these pointsSome reviewers have complained that the shoes are not comfortable enough. However, some users feel the materials can be too firm and cause uncomfortable friction points. Some reviewers feel the size is wrong. They recommend ordering a half-size larger than the recommended size. Others, however, say the shoes are too big. This is the lesson: Keep your receipt in case you need to exchange.

The best toddler shoes that are budget-friendly

Dadawen Athletic Shoes

These Dadawen sneakers, which are also a best-seller, come in unisex colors and have a breathable mesh structure and a rubber sole. They can be easily slipped on and taken off by your child with no hassle. A single Velcro strap secures them in place.

These shoes are well-priced, according to reviewers. They are also lightweight and durable, which makes them great for “new walkers”.

Take into account these pointsThese sneakers are solid, but they can develop holes and fray with wear. Some parents recommend sizing up. The thin mesh material works best in warmer and dryer conditions.

The best toddler shoes for active children

Stride Rite M2P Indy

Stride Rite shoes are a great choice. This brand is well-known for their attention to toddler feet and quality materials. Indy sneakers come in full and half sizes as well as regular widths and wider widths to fit a wide range of foot shapes.

This shoe can be easily taken on and off with the hook-and-loop closure. These shoes have been praised by many people for their stability and are great for hiking. Many people also mention the fact that these shoes can be washed in the washer for easy cleaning. Best choice for kids, as part of Best Shoes for Kids list.

Take into account these pointsMany parents feel that the strap’s wide width is not true wide enough. If your child has particularly wide feet, you might consider switching to a different style. Some people complain that the strap can fray easily.

The best waterproof shoes for toddlers

Native Shoes Jefferson

Native Shoes’ best-selling Jefferson shoe is a favorite choice for parents due to its bright colors and simple slip-on design. These shoes are light and quick-drying. They also have a grippy rubber sole to protect against falls. These shoes are described as “indestructible”, and can be washed in the washing machine if they become muddy.

Take into account these shoes are not recommended for those with small feet. Some people have mentioned that they are a bit too big. They can also be worn with no socks (water shoes). However, some reviewers claim that their children developed blisters from long-term wear.

How to make your toddler’s shoes fit

There are so many brands and sizes to choose from, so it might be worth taking your toddler shoes shopping with you to ensure you get the right fit. Above guide about Best Shoes for Kids is perfect for parents.

As the day progresses, your child’s feet will swell. It’s important that your child shops for shoes in the afternoon and evening, when their feet are at their biggest.

For the best fit, here are some other tips:

  • Take a look at the foot of your child. Are there any irritations on your heel or toes? It could be an indication that the shoes they currently wear are not fitting properly. Maybe they need a more narrow or wider fit.
  • Also, check out their current shoes. Make sure you bring up any unusual issues to your child’s physician. Uneven heel wear could be an indication of a foot problem that requires treatment.
  • Make sure your child has a fitting that is suitable for their larger feet. You need to ensure that your feet are the right size.
  • Make sure to bring your socks! To ensure that your child is comfortable, you might need to buy larger socks if you have to increase the size of your shoes.
  • Avoid secondhand shopsIt can be tempting to buy a few gently used pairs for cheap, but this is not the best thing for your foot health. Some unpleasant things can be found in hand-me-down shoes, such as athlete’s feet or nail fungus.
  • Get professional assistance. If you are having difficulty fitting your child, you might consider having it professionally fitted.

Experts say that while it may seem like shoes require a “breaking in” period before they can be worn, this is not true. Shoes for toddlers should be comfortable the moment they are put on.

If they complain or feel uncomfortable, you can return the shoes and get a new pair.


It’s thrilling to choose the first pair of shoes for your child. Make it exciting! Include them in the selection process. Keep in mind your guidelines and make sure you check their feet often to determine when they need to be sized up.

When in doubt, consider consulting the APMA’s list of companies that have earned their seal of approval for good foot health. Hope you love reading about Best Shoes for Kids.

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