Best Skateboard Helmets

Best Skateboard Helmets

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In view that safety is our first situation no matter what activity we do, you must consider it as a critical and long-time period funding and need to not hesitate when you have to spend a few extra dollars for a high-quality product. Read about Best Skateboard Helmets below.

Take your time to undergo those helmets and select the first-rate out of the bests.

Pro-tec classic certified skateboard helmet

You either pay for a first-class product or cross domestic. Seasoned-tec traditional helmet isn’t an insignificant mortal you’re coping with. This item is made to shield your head regardless of how rapid you’re skating.

Whether or not it be bumps or difficult fall offs while skating, you don’t want to worry with this helmet for your head. It is made with the brand new era that has the potential to soak up low and excessive affects.

Another stressful element that happens at some stage in skateboarding is sweat tripping down our face and distracting us. Seasoned-tec has a wicking liner built-within the helmet that forestalls sweat from dripping on your face, accordingly permitting you to hold your focus.

Additionally, this product consists of 11 huge vents for higher warmness ventilation and maintaining your head cool. Moreover, it is light-weight, versatile and comfortable and can be used in various other sports.

The principle shell is molded interior with 2-degree foam liner that gives better safety against low impacts and bumps.

This object meets all cpsc, nz and astm protection requirements and the foam liner passes all safety measures and checking out.

So, no matter how fast you skate your board at the streets or down the hill, you may accept as true with this helmet for the last protection you need.

Triple 8 helmet with sweatsaver liner

Triple eight is a fashionable and popular brain-saver rubber helmet that is available in two premium hues, eps tough foam and sweatsaver era. It’s far designed to resist all forms of influences and fits perfectly on your head.

Its difficult foam version is cpsc certified and will be used for other sports like bicycling. This product is made mainly for folks who love each day freeride. Interior it’s far a terrycloth liner that wicks sweats and stops it from dripping in your face or likely going inside your eyes.

Moreover, it’s far nicely ventilated and the absorbed sweat subsequently evaporates and doesn’t leave at the back of any nasty smell.

Although it should be cited that the shock soaking up hard rubber would steadily crack from impacts, if any, and might become much less green for next effects. Don’t need to fear, you’ll nevertheless be safe to ride. Moreover, its sweatsaver is designed as a multi-impact helmet, which means, regardless of multiple spills, this helmet will nevertheless protect your head. The important point as part of Best Skateboard Helmets.

Make sure to select the proper size while buying this object. Universal, it’s far a at ease and flexible protection system with multi-impact layout made to final longer and meet all your expectations.

Punisher skateboards pro series 13-vent dual safety licensed

This is a one size fits all helmet with an incredibly cheap price and is derived with 3 pad units that may be changed to get the ideal suit. It functions 12 air cooling vents to hold your head cool and dry off the sweat its sweat saver absorbs at the same time as you’re skating.

It has an abs shell with a grey eps effect absorption liner that offers fine protection against all heavy and light effects. The helmet also functions as a brief launch buckle with a short flip strap adjustment so that you can easily take it off or tighten it. It is a heavy responsibility nylon strap and received destroy without difficulty like the cheap models.

This product meets all the ASTM f-1492 and CPSC-1203 safety standards. You could agree with this safety device in your head safety in opposition to all effects.

It has a stunning shiny neon blue coloration that shines within the darkish and 12-vent air cooling vents to hold your head cool at the same time as skating. Inner its principal shell are 3-warmth sealed removable foam pads. You can get rid of them to match the helmet as a small, medium or massive. This makes it a one size fits all!

Triple 8 3037 dual licensed, small/medium, all black rubber

Triple eight is a less expensive licensed helmet with a long lasting creation and is smartly engineered and tailor-made to satisfy all of your protection requirements. It’s additionally referred to as the first-class multi affects helmets, thanks to its specific layout and unmatchable great.

The agency also manufactures excellent skateboards and lengthy boarding kits.

The triple eight capabilities an outer shell and a sweat saver liner on the inner so no sweat drips for your face and distracts you from your ride or make you uncomfortable.

It’s far the design of the helmet that makes it notable and unique from its competition. The aspect reduce could be very fashionable and appears splendid on the pinnacle and additionally features a custom designed triple 8 logo rivets. It’s also nicely ventilated that enables to evaporate/dry out the sweat and save you smell or micro organism.

You’ll also get a perfect fit due to its 360-diploma wrap round design and this guarantees there is no liner separation in its indoors.

It complies with u.S. Cpsc protection standard for bicycle helmets for individuals age five and older plus the astm f-1492-08 protection standards for skateboarding.  furthermore, ce en 1078 for pedal cyclists, skateboarders and roller skaters compliant and as/nzs 2063 for bicycle helmets compliant. The important point as part of Best Skateboard Helmets.

Triple eight downhill racer helmet

It’s no longer common that you pay attention of a complete face helmet for skateboarding. Or do you? Properly, the triple 8 downhill racer helmet is one of these which is readily low weight and affords considerably higher defend in the event of an impact.

Though one may say that why no longer choose a easy bike helmet? To be honest, those are ridiculously heavy and you aren’t an awful lot doing any physical pastime even as riding a motorcycle.

Right out of the field, this object has offers a great in shape and maximum protection in opposition to all forms of affects and in contrast to some cheap helmets whose performance might fade after a couple of affects, this helmet can endure next affects without problems.

Its interior has been redesigned in an effort to meet all wishes of downhill skaters and additionally to pass cpsc and astm certification. Unnecessary-to-say, it has a quite robust creation that takes you into self assurance the moment you positioned it on your head.

The simplest element you’ll hate about triple 8 racer fullface helmet is its tinted visor and in case you are a common night time rider, it can be pretty riskier. Basic, its visor is exceptional and the tint also reduces glare and coffee distortion optics for a remarkable sight. The important point as part of Best Skateboard Helmets.

Tsg pass helmet

Some humans need safety and looks at the identical time and tgs bypass helmet is one of those beauties. Even as it is extraordinarily light in weight, it seems appealing at the streets and is a full face helmet.

Not like many helmets, it doesn’t have any eps foam visible round the edges of its shell and also capabilities magnetic cheek pads that makes cleaning simpler and additionally comes with liner for added at ease suit.

But, its finish round mouthpiece is a chunk incorrect and you have to be cautious whilst deciding on the size.

Its venting device is worth citing right here that helps maintain your head cool. Also, if you love to wear your favorite goggles, you can. Way to its spacious front beginning that allows you to accomplish that.

Its liner feels extremely comfortable the instant you put on it or even while near-saturated with sweat on hotter days, you gained’t have any problem carrying it and using down the road. You’ll additionally love its double d-ring closure gadget.

Compared to other merchandise on the identical rate, its chin shield has enough flex and passes the squeezer check and consequently increases your typical confidence level whilst riding on the road.

The way to select precise skateboard helmet

At the same time as understanding the first-rate alternatives available in the marketplace is crucial, however what to choose and the way to select is even extra important


The most important aspect i remember is becoming of the helmet. You definitely can’t buy a helmet of the incorrect fitting and waste your time and money on returns and reorders.

To correctly degree the dimensions for your helmet is with the aid of the usage of a measuring tape. Begin by using measuring approx. 2.5cm above your eyebrows or brow and across the complete circumference of the top.

Complete face

These are the great kinds of helmets that offer the very best stage of protection on the road. Considering your whole face is covered, there is no hazard that your head or any a part of your jaw hits the ground in case of an impact. This one is perfect for individuals who love competitive riding. The important point as part of Best Skateboard Helmets.

Kids & young people

For youngsters, helmets from wiggle variety are the quality. If you are shopping for skating gear for your younger one, i’ll rather propose wiggle helmets. They are the high-quality regarded for safety standards.


Because the name implies, those helmets have very high-quality appears, they are extremely mild in weight, extremely vented with race pedigree features however are very luxurious.

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