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Sometime, you really want to supplant your tires. The explanation? They are exhausted, harmed tires, excessively old, or at this point not meet your driving necessities. A run-punctured tire (RFT), as well, requires trade for the reasons we recently referenced. Assuming that your vehicle accompanies RFTs, you might be contemplating whether you can supplant the run-level with ordinary tires. Indeed, we are here to address that inquiry.


Indeed, you can supplant each of the four RFTs with four ordinary tires, yet there are a few things that you should remember. To start with, the four standard tires should adjust to your vehicle producer’s tire rules.

You might review from our past blog entry, that RFTs are assembled uniquely in contrast to standard tires. The run-punctured tire is made to keep the vehicle voyaging securely and safely for a restricted distance, even after a cut. These tires don’t rely upon pneumatic stress to keep up with their tire shape and extraordinary capacities throughout a restricted time.

Additionally, the plan of the customary tire is not quite the same as the run-punctured tires thus the outcomes are likewise unique. The sidewall is thicker, and more built up, while the elastic is of an extraordinary kind to give added heat obstruction. The RFTs are intended to permit you to keep driving for a restricted distance even after a total loss of gaseous tension.

There are two or three different things to remember whether you are pondering supplanting RFTs with standard tires:

  • Vehicles that come pre-installed with RFTs do not have a spare tire, jack, or other tire-related tools. The reason is the RFTs themselves. As you can continue driving them even after little to no air pressure, there is no point in providing a spare tire or tire repair kit. You can safely drive to a tire repair shop using the RFT.
  • Modern vehicles come with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and countless sensors. If you replace your RFTs with standard tires, these components will be affected.
  • Read the car owner manual to know about the recommended tire size, load index, speed rating, and tire inflation pressure requirements. The new standard tires must meet these requirements.


Could you utilize 3 summer tires and 1 winter on your vehicle? Obviously, not. Subsequently, never blend RFTs in with a standard tire. It will prompt execution and security issues. As per PitStopArabia specialists, tire blending ought to possibly be finished during a crisis or on the other hand on the off chance that it is an impermanent fix.

The explanations behind preventing vehicle proprietors from blending tires are very self-evident. RFTs and standard tires have various attributes. For instance, RFTs are thicker, meaning their dealing with is a piece unique in relation to ordinary tires. At the point when you blend RFTs and normal tires, it can prompt imbalanced dealing with, among various different difficulties.

As said before, possibly blend tires when there could be no other choice. Indeed, even all things considered, you ought to guarantee that the tire matches your vehicle producer’s prerequisites. For instance, does it have a similar burden record, speed rating, and size? You ought to head to the closest tire shop and supplant the blended tire immediately.


The most appropriate response to this question is, “It depends”. Some RFTs are repairable while others are not. A few harms can be fixed yet under extremely severe circumstances and fix work must be finished by guaranteed experts. Generally, a RFT is unrepairable if:

  • There is abrasion damage.
  • The tire is driven with less than 15 PSI inflation.
  • ‘Do Not Repair’ is written on the sidewall.


Go through the accompanying focuses prior to supplanting your RFTs with ordinary tires:

RFTs assist you with going up to 80 km at a greatest speed of 80 KMPH even subsequent to having essentially nothing to zero gaseous tension. You don’t have to stress over replacing a tire as you can securely head to a tire shop.

You can keep driving RFTs after a cut without stressing over taking care of or wellbeing. An ordinary tire with a cut requires a brief change.

There is compelling reason need to convey an extra tire. It saves you extensive space and further develops eco-friendliness.


Hoping to purchase new tires? Peruse PitStopArabia’s assortment of marked tires. You will find that our site has the best RFTs and normal tires for all vehicles and prerequisites. If there should arise an occurrence of any inquiries, if it’s not too much trouble, reach us. Finally, we recognize that RFTs are costly, however they in all actuality do offer extensive advantages. In this way, PitStopArabia suggests gauging the advantages and disadvantages prior to choosing to supplant your RFTs with ordinary tires. Much thanks to You.

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