Car travelling down the road while wearing Toyo tyres (2022)

Car travelling down the road while wearing Toyo tyres (2022)

In our judgement:

While promoting sustainability in the tyre industry, Toyo Tires has become a go-to producer for all-terrain and mud-terrain tyres. Its Nano Balance technology represents a significant advancement toward tyres that use less gasoline. Toyo is a tyre manufacturer we prefer for light trucks, SUVs, and crossovers, but it might only be a mediocre one for smaller cars.

Industry Position:

Tire Types:


Customer contentment


a reasonable pricing range

tyres with lots of choices for trucks and SUVs

adheres to the Sustainable Natural Rubber Initiative (SNR-i) standards


fewer choices for daily tyres

Tires purchased as replacements or as original equipment only have a five-year limited warranty.


The off-roading community and motorsports racers have come to love Toyo tyres. But there are other alternatives available from the tyre manufacturer besides simply all-terrain and mud-terrain types.

We’ll examine Toyo Tires in-depth in this piece, taking into account its standing in the marketplace, prices, and top models. We wish to provide an overview of the Toyo brand as a whole rather than concentrating on just one or two models. You can better understand the advantages and disadvantages of Toyo by taking this perspective.

Our study team did extensive research on the tyre market before ranking the top tyres available. To be sure you’re buying the proper tyre for your car, we advise comparing Toyo Tires to a few other popular manufacturers.

Overview of Toyo Tires

Toyo Tires is a Japanese tyre manufacturer that was created in 1945 but just became established in the United States in 1966. At the moment, Cypress, California serves as the company’s headquarters. Beyond tyres for passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs, Toyo has established itself in motorsports competition.

Because of the company’s outstanding traction, Toyo tyres are frequently chosen by drivers who enjoy off-roading and driving in severe conditions. Toyo has invented the Nano Balance technology recently, which molecularly organises rubber compounds for greater fuel efficiency.

Toyo Tires has switched its focus toward the future by advancing sustainability in accordance with its cutting-edge technology. The business voluntarily joined the Sustainable Natural Rubber Initiative in 2016. (SNR-i). According to a news statement from Toyo Tires, the programmer intends to develop a “sustainable natural rubber economy that equally benefits the whole natural rubber supply chain across the economy, environment, and society.”

Industry Ratings for Toyo Tires

Toyo tyres are no different from other consumer tyres in that they all adhere to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) grade system.

The NHTSA’s Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG) system rates the performance of non-specialty tyres in three areas: traction, temperature resistance, and treadwear.

Traction: This grade represents how well your tyres “grab” a slippery surface. Using AA, A, B, or C, traction grades are ranked from highest to lowest. An A rating is normally given to good passenger tyres.

Temperature resistance: A tire’s heat resistance is determined by its temperature grade. It is graded using an A, B, or C, going from highest to lowest. The tyre must be able to endure higher or lower temperatures depending on its intended function. Because they rotate at a faster rate, performance tyres typically have higher temperature ratings.

Treadwear: The treadwear grade provides a rough indication of the tire’s life. A manufacturer’s tyre is compared to a control tyre with a rating of 100 to ascertain all treadwear grades. A tyre with a 500 treadwear rating, for instance, lasts five times as long as the control. According to, the majority of passenger tyres have ratings in the 300 to 500 range.

According to, a few well-known Toyo Tires products are listed below along with their UTQG ratings:

Model of Toyo Tires

Tire Type Score for Treadwear

Score for Traction Temperature Resistance

All-terrain vehicle Toyo Open Country AT II

600 A A Trucks and SUVs

Toyo Proxes 4 Extremely powerful

All-season 300 AA A

Extensor HP II by Toyo High-performance

All-season 500 A

Versa do Noir Standard by Toyo touring

All-season 620 A

It’s crucial to remember that while the NHTSA establishes the grading system, it does not actually carry out tests. Instead, producers employ other firms to perform their tyre testing.

You can look for the UTQG grades on a Toyo tire’s sidewall if you want to learn more about one you already own.

Popular Tire Models from Toyo

Trucks, SUVs, and crossovers are the primary markets for Toyo Tires. Although its performance tyres are still well-reviewed, customers prefer Michelin or Pirelli types. Wherever good traction is most important and in challenging terrain, Toyo tyres perform effectively.

Here are a few of Toyo’s top-rated tyres based on information from TireBuyer:

A stud less winter tyre from Toyo with a three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) classification is called the GSi5.

Toyo Celsius: A typical touring all-season tyre with grip and safety characteristics often found on a winter tyre.

An all-terrain tyre made for trucks and SUVs called the Toyo Open Country AT II features a “open block tread design” for traction in muddy, snowy, and other slippery conditions.

An all-terrain tyre for trucks and SUVs with a tread made to last a long time, withstand rough terrain, and deliver improved grip is the Toyo Open Country AT II Extreme.

On TireBuyer, each of the Toyo tyres mentioned above has at least a 4.0 out of 5.0 customer review rating. The tyre industry generally has good praise for Toyo’s Open Country versions.

Original equipment (OE) and replacement passenger and light vehicle tyres from Toyo are covered by a five-year limited warranty. According to the company’s warranty documentation, this safeguards against faulty workmanship and materials on Toyo tyres bought by the original owner and placed on the vehicle.

How Much Do Toyo Tires Cost?

In comparison to other tyre brands, a set of Toyo tyres is reasonably priced. For instance, depending on size, the Open Country AT II tyres cost between $115 and $325 per tyre. Toyo tyres start at just over $50. In certain customer testimonials, Toyo’s products, particularly the company’s all-terrain tyres, are recommended not just for their quality but also for their affordability.

However, the most costly Toyo tyres we’ve encountered are among those listed on TireBuyer. However, Toyo tyres can cost up to $850 per tyre, depending on the tyre size, vehicle type, and tyre type. Mud-terrain tyres are often far more expensive than passenger tyres.

Customer Reviews for Toyo

We compiled a few customer testimonials from TireBuyer to help you have a better picture of how Toyo Tires function on a daily basis. The majority of Toyo reviews have a rating of 4.0 stars or higher, although some customers have complained about the tread life and noise of their tyres.

Here are a few instances of what customers have said about Toyo Tires:

Positive Toyo Tires Experiences

I required tyres that were more suited to the terrain I travel over to get to my hiking locations. In my factory size, Toyo Open Country AT III tyres were affordable. I am so far quite happy with their performance and the comfort they give me when I use them.

— Holmes through TireBuyer

He advised purchasing the Toyo Observe GSI5. These have the finest overall performance for the winter weather I deal with. Their combination of improved deep snow grip (as deep as you wish to go in a midsize four-wheel-drive sedan) and incredibly assured dry road handling is particularly striking.

Tire buyer – Tubist

Negative Toyo Tires Experience

“Worst tyre I’ve ever seen on a slick road. It’ll put you in some risky circumstances. On a wet road, it is [almost] difficult to attempt a takeoff without spinning the tyres, and they will come loose during turns. I would never buy these again and strongly advise staying away from them.

-Rob through TireBuyer

“According to the sales material, [the Toyo Proxies 4 Plus] tyres were advertised as being ultra-quiet and were even expected [to] become quieter with use. I have never driven a car with tyres that made as much noise. My Cadillac now sounds like it has aggressive mud tyres on it.

– via TireBuyer, Kent M.

The Last Words We Have on Toyo Tires

Toyo received a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0. We appreciate its reliable truck and SUV alternatives, particularly its well-regarded Open Country range. While Toyo’s passenger tyres are not a bad choice, in our opinion, there are superior alternatives at their typical price range. In general, drivers searching for heavy-duty tyres should consider Toyo.

Additionally, if you have a smaller automobile, we advise you to contrast Toyo with a handful of our other top tyre options.

Top Tire Recommendations

We advise considering Michelin and Cooper tyres if you need passenger tyres but aren’t sold on Toyo. Both of these brands received good marks in our analysis of the best tyre manufacturers.

Michelin: Best All Around

Due to its solid reputation in the business, wide range of tyre alternatives, and commitment to producing high-quality products, Michelin is one of our most highly recommended tyre producers. A brand is frequently recognized for one or two models, yet Michelin tyres excel in practically all tyre categories. Even though Michelin tyres are occasionally more expensive than brands from rivals, their durable tread may be worthwhile.

Cooper: Most Economic

Like Toyo tyres, Cooper tyres are on the more budget-friendly end of the range. We gave it a 4.0 out of 5.0 grade and designated it the Most Affordable tyre brand of 2021 based on our investigation on the manufacturer. Although Cooper is known for its replacement tyres, it does provide a few OE options for Ford, Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz cars.


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