Cruising Dubai Marina Lagoon: The best way to spend 2 hours in Dubai

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The best way to see Dubai Marina Lagoon – or other water bodies – is by boat, and if you have 2 free hours, there is no better place than Dubai Marina Yacht Club. Only with AED 60, you can take a traditional Dhow boat and enjoy snacks and drinks when you sail around Marina for two hours and learn about the history of this iconic place in the first modern man-made dubai in the world. Join us when we take you on this fast tour!

What the ship will offer

If you are looking for night activities that take a little rest than usual, why not try our sailing ship voyage in Dubai Marina? It takes about two hours – which gives you a lot of time to enjoy delicious food and drinks and absorb the atmosphere. Dhow Cruise Dubai This is clearly one of my favorite things to do with friends when I want something new and fun.

What to use

Although almost every day in a warm Dubai, temperatures can vary greatly throughout each season. So, if you plan to spend a long time to explore land or water, the best is carrying a jacket and light scarves. In this way, you can stay comfortable regardless of what Mother Alam has planned for you. If you plan to bring electronics with you (iPad/Kindle/Laptop), make sure they are fully charged so you won’t have problems while on your ship.

Where we headed

Dubai’s geographical location along one of the busiest shipping lines in the world makes it an attractive and valuable trading port. In 2006, more than 1.9 million ships crossed through the Port of Dubai, making it one of the busiest ports on earth. From pier attractions such as mega-yacht and camel race to shopping centers, mosques and hotels, there are endless activities for explorers who get off cruise ships bound in Dubai.

How much should I tip?

Tips is one of the complicated financial situations that we all have to deal with occasionally. If you explore Dubai with a limited budget, then decide how much you have to give tips in restaurants and bars can be more difficult. To avoid uncomfortable situations, it is important to find out how many types of service staff are expected in the tip.

When can I return to land?

If you plan a trip or even just a weekend vacation to Dubai, then sailing along the magnificent water channel is really worth considering. Dhow cruise Deira Once you enter, all your worries and care about melting when you lose yourself in the middle of a beautiful scenery and sound. If you find yourself hoping that your voyage will never end, remember that it doesn’t have to be.

What else I need to know?

Do you want to explore one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Dubai, but you don’t have much time? Are you looking for a good way to spend Saturday night? Going through Dubai Marina is

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