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A free online Quran classes can help you improve your recitation of the holy text, which will give you more confidence and stronger understanding of it. The best part? There are multiple free options available on the internet, so you don’t have to pay a dime to learn Quran online! If you’re interested in taking free online Quran classes, take a look at these eight benefits they provide to students and see if they could be helpful in your own pursuit of a better knowledge of the Muslim holy book! [..]

1) Learn Arabic in an effective manner

Learning Arabic through traditional classroom settings is time-consuming and requires a commitment that not everyone is able to make. Fortunately, there are now a variety of options available for people who want to learn Arabic but don’t have time to commit to traditional classroom settings. The number one benefit of taking free online Quran classes is you can learn whenever and wherever you want without needing to fit class into your busy schedule.

2) Work on your pronunciation instantly

Although it’s easier said than done, improving your pronunciation is essential for reciting a passage correctly. Because there are multiple ways to recite each word in Arabic, sometimes with very different meanings, one mispronounced word can change everything. Getting accustomed to your teacher’s pronunciation is a great way to start working on your own—and another reason why taking free online courses is such a good idea!

3) Participate in online classes

The beauty of taking free online classes is that you can easily interact with your teacher and classmates. Instead of isolating yourself in a corner, you’ll be able to form a community around your learning experience. The Internet provides an excellent opportunity for remote learners from all over the world to learn from different teachers. Whether it’s Arabic, Hebrew, or English, there are many options available online today. In fact, sites like Udemy make it easy to find online courses on any topic!

4) Join a community you can relate to

Creating a community that shares your values, interests, and ideas can help you feel like you’re part of something greater than yourself. At Kattaleeq, our community is active around all things related to Islam. Whether you’re a new Muslim convert or have been practicing for years, whether you call Detroit home or are just visiting on business—you’ll find a warm welcome here.

5) Learn while you are at home

For people with a busy schedule, or with children at home, it can be difficult to find enough time to learn Arabic. That’s why our free online classes are so convenient – you can study right from your own house, any time that you have free time. You don’t even need internet access! All of our lessons are available as downloadable mp3 files that you can save to your computer or phone and listen to on-the-go.

Sometimes you just need a little guidance on a passage or had a hard time understanding something. Luckily, there are free online Qur’an classes available for individuals and groups that you can attend or view at your own convenience.

7) Improve your literacy skills

Arabic is a phonetic language, which means every letter has its own sound and you can decipher each letter without knowing how to pronounce it. At first, that seems intimidating, but once you get used to how it works—and believe us, once you learn Arabic, it will feel natural—you’ll be able to start reading and pronouncing words with confidence. Start by reading short sentences out loud and focusing on proper pronunciation.

8) Save money on private tuition

You may be spending too much money on private tutors. While it’s true that you can only learn so much from online tutorials, they also have their benefits and can save you a lot of money when compared to private tuition. In fact, one research study found that people who studied with an instructor were more successful in learning than those who learned alone and those who learned through free online Quran classes for kids courses.

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