Great Tools to Use for Online Learning

Online Learning

Online learning tools help teachers and also assist students to learn things better. These tools can be of great help if used in online learning.

We will discuss different technologies and tools that both teachers and students can use. Here are some tools that are great for online learning.

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Google Classroom

It is a platform where teachers make classrooms online with synchronization according to the subjects. They can share notes and assignments there and assign tasks there. It is one of the best platforms that have all the tools available.

 Google Classroom has a plus point of the testing system when a teacher puts on a test there, it is only available for the mentioned time and with the key, the system marks the points and automatically students get mail about their results.


Blackboard is an online tool for students and tutors around the world. It provides different tools like sharing documents and assigning tasks which makes learning easy. It provides a 30-day free trial and then the cost is very reasonable.


This app is designed by a bunch of passionate engineers and some entrepreneurs. In this app, students can learn with the help of different games. These games are specially designed for educational purposes and increase intellectual abilities among students.

Students can use them on their tablets, mobile phones, and laptops as well. Teachers can also watch students score on the app and keep track of their student’s progress.


This is a platform where students can improve different skills via storytelling techniques. In this app, tutors can create different stories using a pretty simple interface. These stories can be shared anywhere you want.


Animoto is a platform that helps tutors to develop animation of any lecture very easily. When students are represented with an animated lecture rather than just a simple lecture, they learn things more easily and effectively.


On Edmodo, teachers can create different groups and share educational notes and stuff there. Teachers are also able to coordinate it according to the subject. Through this app, students get to learn everything at one place only.


Zoom gained more limelight when Covid-19 hit the world. As every educational institute was using it for delivering lectures and conducting online classes.

Through this app, students can attend classes online via video lectures.

Online Word Games

There are many games available, word as puzzles that increase vocabulary. These games are very effective for children in learning purposes. It increases memory and vocabulary and directly boosts knowledge.

Fruit Ninja 

This is basically a fruit cutting game but there is one point. When the game ends, the fruit that you have cut the most comes in the end with the plus point.

For instance, you cut Apricots the most then at the end you will see your score with a knowledge patch where this will be written, “apricots are enriched with vitamin C, iron and magnesium and they help to boost Hb”. These kinds of games are a great learning tool for kids and students online.


Internet is filled with different types of learning tools and you can find many you just have to explore and find out the best option for you. With the help of these best tools available online, you can enhance your educational skills and improve your grades.

All the best tools that you can use in online learning are discussed above, you can do better in school, college or university by utilizing them. If there is an opportunity available online then you should utilize it for sure.

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