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There isn’t anything more baffling than getting a punctured tire, particularly when you really want to get some place significant. In any case, PitStopArabia feels that there is another disappointing thing – not knowing how to change the punctured tire. Envision experiencing a punctured tire and not knowing how to supplant it with your extra tire!

You will wind up burning through a lot of time and could need to call a vehicle specialist organization to come and supplant your tire. Envision the humiliation and the additional expense! Remembering this, PitStopArabia has chosen to direct you on the best way to change your vehicle tire. Focus as this data will demonstrate valuable in the end.

Prior to examining this, you should realize that a few vehicles don’t accompany an extra tire any longer. All things considered, producers have set up a tire fix unit. We will examine utilizing a tire fix unit in one more article as this article centers around changing a vehicle tire alone.

Likewise, a punctured tire isn’t what is happening in which you could need to change your tire. Exceptional harm which delivers your unique tire pointless will likewise expect you to promptly transform it. Anything that the explanation, the most common way of transforming it is similar in all circumstances.


Prior to doing anything more, guarantee your security. In the first place, make an honest effort to be far away from approaching cars as could really be expected. In the event that you are driving on a parkway, set out toward the crisis path. Subsequently, turn on the danger lights. Put the vehicle in leaving (for programmed vehicles), pull the handbrake and afterward switch the motor off. When done, open the storage compartment of your vehicle.


When you open the storage compartment, take out the jack and the extra tire. These are tracked down under the storage compartment of your vehicle. Be that as it may, in the event that you can’t track down them, look at the proprietor’s manual to know the specific area. SUVs, CUVS, and go 4×4 romping vehicles ordinarily have the extra outwardly of the back entryway. In certain vehicles, it is situated on the rooftop or even inside the cap.

It is the explanation PitStopArabia suggests actually looking at the proprietor’s manual. When you track down the extra and the jack, put them securely on the ground. The subsequent stage can be tedious, yet in the event that you follow the means cautiously, you can do it gracefully.

Place the jack under the vehicle. The specific area is referenced in the proprietor’s manual. Most vehicles have a score in the metal casing. It is where you ought to put the jack. Kindly remember that assuming you put the jack under some other part and lift the vehicle, serious harm to the vehicle might happen.

Thusly, guarantee that you are putting the jack under the right area. When set accurately, begin raising the jack until it upholds the full weight of the vehicle. Try not to lift the wheel totally off the surface as of now.


Delicately eliminate the wheel trim once the above advances are finished. Presently you will see different stray pieces. Try not to stress as your vehicle accompanies every one of the important instruments to eliminate these stray pieces. Under the floor of your truck, you will find a case that holds the vehicle’s wheel support and locking nut connectors.

In certain vehicles, these might be put flawlessly close to the extra rather than a crate. By and by, all essential data is referenced in the proprietor’s manual. Begin eliminating the stray pieces. Try not to eliminate the one at the top. Once finished, raise the vehicle with the goal that the wheel is somewhat lifted from the surface.

Presently eliminate the nut and fastener at the top. Utilize two hands to eliminate the tire.


Subsequent to eliminating it, the time has come to introduce the extra. Lift the extra and spot it against where the past one was. Guarantee that it lines up with the stray pieces of the wheel. Presently individually begin to put on the stray pieces. Utilize your hands to fix them however much as could reasonably be expected. Then, at that point, utilize the very devices that you used to eliminate the stray pieces to completely fix them.

Bring down the jack to return the vehicle on the ground. When down, again fix the stray pieces. Place the wheel trim back. At long last, set aside the penetrated or harmed tire in the storage compartment alongside the wide range of various things.


You are currently great to drive away. Simply guarantee that you have switched out your risk lights. Additionally, PitStopArabia feels that it is their obligation to direct you about driving on the extra. Driving on it isn’t equivalent to driving on an ordinary tire. For more data, kindly read this article.

In the event that the extra is a similar size as the first, nothing remains to be stressed over. Nonetheless, since most producers save a little tire for use as an extra, it is ideal to peruse the article referenced previously.

Besides, when you drive on an extra, you might see your dashboards light coming on. There is no reason for stress as it is totally commonplace. Generally, the Tire Strain Checking Framework (TPMS) light comes on. In addition, the ABS, gearbox and foothold control parts may not work accurately too.


It is energetically prescribed that you get to your closest assistance station or studio to get the first tire fixed. Driving a significant distance on an extra wheel isn’t suggested. In the event that it is a similar size as the first, you can drive typically. All things considered, get your penetrated or harmed tire fixed as fast as could really be expected.

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