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There are different sorts of tires accessible in the market today. While decision is dependably welcome according to the client’s point of view, it isn’t generally the situation. On occasion, it can add to their disappointment. Assume that you go to the tire shop to purchase new tires for Nissan Altima. At the point when inside the tire shop, the sales rep specifies such countless best tires for the Nissan Altima that you end up befuddled.

You are don’t know which tire you ought to purchase? For instance, would it be a good idea for you to purchase the PremiumContact™ 6 or the Power UHP? The response is reliant upon different variables, including driving style, drive landscape, and how long you anticipate cruising all over. As the elements shift from one person to another, it is trying for PitStopArabia to decide the right arrangement of tires.

All things being equal, we can accomplish something different which can go with the choice making process simpler. In this blog entry, we will direct you about the various tire types. By realizing each tire type’s motivation, advantages, and disadvantages, you can choose for yourself which tire is awesome.



As the name demonstrates, these tires are made for use consistently. You may be feeling that in the event that you can utilize it consistently, they are without a doubt awesome of tires. All things considered, not actually. The entire season tires in all actuality do give different advantages, yet we want to consider their disadvantages as well. The premier advantage is that one can utilize it the entire year. How?

Such tires are made utilizing a mix of winter and summer tire innovation. Be that as it may, don’t anticipate that the exhibition should be on a similar level as specific and committed occasional tires. On the off chance that your main concern is to get from point A to B without stressing a lot over exhibition, then, at that point, the entire season tires are awesome.

Summer Tires

The UAE encounters burning intensity during the summers. The late spring tires won’t keep going long here. It is the reason tires made for use in UAE are fabricated to endure such intensity. They are particular to offer uncommon execution throughout the mid year. Summer tires accompany a delicate elastic compound whose intention is to further develop solidness and footing. Ultimately, their track is planned such that opposes aquaplaning. As the normal UAE temperature is almost 30 °C, which is viewed as warm. In this way, the late spring tires for Nissan Altima are great for the mid year use in the UAE. Indeed, even winters are not that cool, implying that you can utilize summer tires with next to no concern.

Winter Tires

Assume that you dwell in Europe, where temperatures decrease to under 0 °C in winters. In such regions, you can’t utilize summer or the entire season tires as they can’t give footing. It is the reason numerous European nations have made it obligatory to outfit the vehicle with winter tires throughout the cold weather months.

These tires are made with enormous scores and sipes. Their motivation is to improve foothold on cold and frosty surfaces. While summer tires become unbending in temperatures under 10 °C, that isn’t true with winter tires.

Performance Tyres

These tires are made for execution situated vehicles. They are enhanced for fast directing reaction and moment speed increase. Other than this, they offer short slowing down distances and rapid appraisals. Inside execution tires, they are different classifications. One such classification is super elite execution or UHP. The Power tire that we referenced above is an UHP. Ordinarily, UHP tires are made by makers that have significant involvement with motorsports. They utilize their insight and research to make the most ideal exhibition tires.

Fuel-Efficient Tires

Throughout the long term, tire producers have fabricated tires with a unique accentuation on fuel saving and low fossil fuel byproducts. These tires don’t give the best footing, guiding reaction, or slowing down distance. The explanation is that their only spotlight is on fuel saving and decrease in fossil fuel byproducts. In this manner, assuming that you are somebody who drives well underneath as far as possible, cares very little about moment speed increase or anything comparable, these are the most ideal tires.

Run-Flat Tyres

It is to a greater degree an innovation as opposed to a tire type. By and by, they are showcased as a different tire type all through the world. Assume that you are driving not too far off and hear a pop strong. You understand that you just experienced a tire victory. Tragically, you have no extra tire in the storage compartment. The main choice left is to call a vehicle recuperation administration.

An unexpected tire victory isn’t just startling, yet it is likewise risky. What’s more, hanging tight for a vehicle recuperation administration isn’t by any stretch soothing. It is the reason numerous vehicle proprietors in UAE pick run-punctured tires. With these tires, you can keep driving up to 80 km at velocities of up to 80 km/h. It gives you adequate opportunity to go to the closest tire mechanics shop.

4X4 Tyres

These tires are explicitly made for rough terrain driving. All in all, you can introduce these tires on vehicles with rough terrain ability. The drawback to such tires is that they consume a great deal of fuel and are not great for on-street driving. In any case, late mechanical developments have brought about tires that offer a harmony between on-street and rough terrain driving. All things considered, for an unadulterated rough terrain driving experience, you really want specific 4X4 tires.

Wrap Up

These are the various kinds of tires accessible in the market these days. We have referenced their motivations, advantages, and downsides. PitStopArabia is certain that this data will assist you with settling on a superior decision while purchasing new tires.

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