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In a past blog, we zeroed in on NEXEN Versus KUMHO Versus PIRELLI. Every one of the three are exceptional tire brands. While Nexen and Kumho offer more assortment, Pirelli takes special care of very good quality vehicles as it were. Our article inferred that for UAE drivers, Nexen and Pirelli are the go-to decisions. Notwithstanding, Kumho has progressed significantly from that point forward, working on its quality and item range. The present blog entry will zero in on Kumho and Nexen alone. More specifically, this blog entry is around two tires, one from each brand.


You will find all that there is to be aware of the two brands in the article referenced previously. In any case, you feel a piece languid and don’t want to open the connection, no concerns since we will give you a short outline here.

Nexen is a South Korean tire producer that has been in this business for very nearly 80 years now. Throughout the long term, it has consistently expanded its item reach and portion of the overall industry. Today, you can without much of a stretch find Nexen items at any solid tire shop anyplace on the planet. Many individuals are ignorant that Nexen is a mix of two words – next and century. It shows that Nexen is attempting to turn into a main tire organization and favored decision for vehicle proprietors around the world.

Kumho is likewise situated in South Korea and is an immediate contender to Nexen. The two are battling for piece of the pie in their nation of origin and different business sectors. What makes Kumho profoundly famous is that it is a unique gear tire producer for vehicles in South Korea and different nations. The organization takes care of an extensive variety of vehicle types.

By and large, the two organizations merit the cash. Presently, let us center around their items.


There is a ton in like manner in both these items. For example, they are expressly made for energetic cars, vehicles, and CUVs. They improve their visual appearance as well as their presentation and security highlights too. Other than this, they are viewed as super elite execution summer tires. As regions like the UAE don’t encounter outrageous winter temperatures, both are ideally suited for UAE conditions.

Standout Features

What we like the most about them is their taking care of. The two tires are profoundly responsive, and with regards to high velocity cornering, they have not many contenders. You could believe that this is all, yet that isn’t true. Numerous vehicle proprietors whine or dread hydroplaning while driving their top of the line vehicles in the downpour. They believe that the shortcoming is in the vehicle, or the tires are exhausted.

In any case, the genuine issue is the tires. Not all tires accompany against hydroplaning highlights or are on par with these two. The 4 Wide longitudinal sections on the N Fera SU1 empower speedy water scattering, eliminating the chance of losing hold on wet surfaces. The hydroplaning horizontal furrows further work on their grasp and execution on wet streets.

Then again, the Ecsta PS31 is an expert by the same token. It accompanies High Hold Sap, liable for its remarkable grasp. The upgraded sidelong furrow and four circumferential sections rapidly eliminate water away from the track, implying that you don’t need to stress over aquaplaning. By and large, the two tires are great. On top, all things considered, they are amazingly solid, implying that you get a fair shake.

Wrap Up

You may be pondering which one would it be a good idea for you to purchase? Both are the top tires in the energetic cars, vehicles, and CUV class. The main way you can separate them is on cost. The N Fera SU1 is less expensive than the Excsta PS31. However, the cost increments significantly in the event that you select a bigger size. Assuming you are falling short on financial plan, you can purchase the N Fera. Nonetheless, in the event that the cost isn’t an issue, you can purchase the PS31. Regardless, you won’t feel the distinction as both are top-quality.

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