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How often do you turn on the TV and see your local news reporting on acts of violence that Muslims have committed? More than once, right? And more than likely, you have thought to yourself at least once in your life that these are the bad Muslims who don’t follow their faith properly. We may be inclined to think this way because we don’t know how much time they spend in the mosque or how much effort they put into practicing Islam in their everyday lives.

How does ONLINE MADRASA works

ONLINE MADRASA has vast experience in teaching students how to Quran memorization as well as giving lectures on any chapter of Quran. All teachers are qualified. Furthermore, we will be happy if you provide us with feedback about your online Quran classes so that we can better our service for next time. We would like you to provide us with a feed back from 1-10, where 10 means extremely satisfied, 5 is very satisfied, 1 is dissatisfied and 0 is completely dissatisfied .Then we’ll take it into consideration when choosing teachers for your following Quranic class. So when you give us your feedback please take note that any useful suggestion will be appreciated . Thank you! Good luck for future online Quran classes.

Benefits & Features on ONLINE MADRASA

Our online Quran classes are designed in a simple and interactive way. We know your time is valuable so we have developed an innovative system that helps you get maximum benefit from it. Our easy-to-use website makes studying Quran quick, fun, and convenient for you. You can watch videos on your laptop or desktop at any time of day without having to go anywhere. It is one of best resources for learning Quran memorizing tips & methods as well as getting all required basic Islamic knowledge such as how to read Arabic letters, how to pray (salah), etc. Study Quran anywhere & anytime : ONLINE MADRASA offers various courses from beginner level through advanced level with guaranteed success!

Where can you get more information

Want to learn more about Quran memorization? Visit our website for all your Quranic needs. There, you can find everything from online madrasas to memorizing mnemonics. Have questions or want a recommendation? Our experts are always ready to answer any question you might have. Looking for materials on a specific topic? Browse through our selection of Qira’at books, including Adwar-e-Qadimi by Shah Karim al-Hussaini Agra and Ashrafiyyah by Sibt Ibn Jauzi. Don’t forget that we also have an entire library of recitations in MP3 format—you can download these digital files easily onto your mobile device or computer.


Our online madrasas provide you with resources, software, instructors and training materials that will take you through a smooth journey in memorizing Quran. Online Quran classes are easy to follow, understand and grasp. We also have bonus lessons for our students which includes study guides, question answers, revision tests and much more. With our structured approach to learning you can master every chapter of your choice from simple steps that lead you towards total immersion in Quran memorization online. We at Mufti Ali’s Qira’at institute train Muslims around the world how to read aloud (Qira’at) in a melodious voice like those done by Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him himself.

How to learn online Quran classes

To learn online Quran classes, you must first start by learning Arabic. Once you have mastered speaking, writing, and reading Arabic, you can read more of our articles on how to learn online Quran classes. We teach everything from memorizing the Qur’an to reciting it fluently with proper tajweed rules. Through our unique platform we make it easy for users of all levels; beginners or non-Arabic speakers can find their way around easily.

How to learn Quran Memorization

Studying Quranic verses without guidance can be difficult, especially if you are not used to studying in a formal manner. A great way to learn Quranic recitation is through online Quran classes. Learning how to recite Quranic verses using a program can be easier than you think and significantly boost your memorization ability. There are several benefits of enrolling in an online madrasas, so take some time and select one that fits your learning style best. One major benefit of online madrasas is that they offer a personal approach unlike many other Quranic institutions, which are often geared toward group studies instead of one-on-one lessons.

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