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Do you teach online Quran teaching lessons to kids? If so, you’re probably familiar with the common difficulties that arise during lessons. Most kids don’t learn simply by being told what to do. Teachers use a strategy called I Do, We Do, You Do to model a skill while guiding students through the process, then watch as they practice the skill and master it on their own. Here are five ways you can use this technique with your students during an online Quran class session.

Material needed

A laptop with an internet connection. Write an online guide on how teachers can model skills they want students to learn through I do, we do, you do and other strategies. Use examples from your own experience as well as other experts that might benefit students and teachers in learning more about modeling. There are some effective ways for teachers to model skills and you can list them here in one place for easy access. The goal is for you to make a professional guide that helps teach English teachers how best to model language skills. After all, using a strategy like modeling means learners are actively engaged in class so it’s important that what they’re doing is effective!

Teach me

Here are some ideas for how you might use I Do, We Do, You Do in your teaching: If you want students to learn how to make a specific type of paragraph (for example, an action paragraph), do an activity where you tell them about it. This is called We Do. After you have modeled what a good paragraph looks like and what your expectations are for their writing, let them try it on their own. This is called You Do. Finally, allow time for peer and teacher feedback so that they can practice again and share with others.

We do it together

It’s a little known fact that babies start memorizing while they’re still in their mother’s womb. By reciting Quranic verses and listening to ummahat al-quran (female Quranic teachers), newborn babies are introduced to Islam by hearing it every day of their lives. And while being born into a Muslim family is ideal, parents can take advantage of technology and find an online quran teacher to help their children learn how to read and understand Quran. If you have an infant or toddler at home, these strategies can help you make sure your child doesn’t get left behind in his Islamic education.

Let’s try it alone

When first teaching children how to do something, it’s usually best if they try it on their own without you. The simple reason is that when they fail, they need you there to help them succeed. It would be unfair of you not to be there. On a deeper level though, if your child is alone and must figure out what works on his or her own with no one around to help then he or she will begin developing resilience and perseverance (two traits every good Muslim needs). If your child does not develop these qualities early

For many parents, starting their children on a path of Islam is one of their most important responsibilities. But some may wonder whether there are differences between learning with a teacher and studying at home. While both scenarios come with benefits and drawbacks, it’s up to you and your child to decide which type of program makes more sense. Here are four questions you should ask yourself before signing up your child in an online Quran teaching for kids academy

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