Our Guide to Sumitomo Tires in 2022

Our Guide to Sumitomo Tires in 2022

Review of Sumitomo tyres

In our judgement:

When looking for reasonably priced, high-performing tyres, consider Sumitomo tyres. Additionally, the firm creates a number of premium all-season types, particularly for trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. Its low- to mid-range pricing makes it affordable for many drivers. Despite being a reliable brand, Sumitomo is not the finest of the best.

Industry Position:

Tire Types:


Customer contentment


fewer options overall

only one style of winter tyres


In addition to maintaining its own line of tyres, Sumitomo also supplies tyres for a number of other well-known brands all around the world. Which Sumitomo tyres, though, are the greatest among all those company makes?

In this Sumitomo study, we’ll go over the brand’s history as well as industry rankings, popular models, and other information. On the basis of our in-depth analysis of the best tyres in the market, we’ll also provide our top tyre picks. To obtain the most value for your money when buying a new set of tyres, it’s a good idea to shop around.

A Summary of Sumitomo Tires

According to a 2019 Tire Business report, Sumitomo Rubber Industries, which was founded in 1919 in Osaka, Japan, is the fifth-largest tyre maker in the world. In some areas, Sumitomo makes tyres for Dunlop, Ohtsu, and Falken in addition to its own tyre line.

Tires made by Sumitomo are renowned for their high quality and competitive pricing. In contrast to other well-known manufacturers, Sumitomo models rarely cost more than $160 per tyre. Sumitomo tyres have affordable prices, even though they aren’t as cheap as Cooper or Ironman tyres.

Sumitomo offers a wide selection of tyres across all of its sub-brands. But Sumitomo only creates a limited number of models on its own. All-season and performance tyre options are more plentiful, but the manufacturer doesn’t provide the broadest assortment of all-terrain or winter tyres.

Ratings by Sumitomo Industry

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration devised an evaluation system that Sumitomo tyres adhere to (NHTSA). This method, known as Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG), assigns grades to tyres based on their treadwear, traction, and temperature resistance, with the exception of specialist tyres.

A description of the UTQG grading scheme is provided below:

Treadwear: This grade indicates how long your tyres will last. Tires are compared to a control tyre with a rating of 100 to determine treadwear. A tire’s treadwear rating of 500 indicates that it outlasted the control tyre by a factor of five. SaferCar.gov data show that most passenger tyres have a treadwear rating of between 300 and 500.

This rating assesses how well your tyres “grip” a slick surface. There are four traction grades: AA, A, B, and C. A grades are normally assigned to good daily passenger tyres.

On a scale of A, B, or C, this grade assesses a tire’s ability to withstand heat. In accordance with their area of expertise, tyres must resist a variety of temperatures. For instance, performance tyres typically travel at speeds that are substantially higher than all-season tyres, which results in higher temperature ratings.

It’s crucial to understand that the NHTSA doesn’t regulate UTQG exams. Tire testing and reporting are handled by manufacturers and independent firms that brands hire.

Using information from SaferCar.gov, we’ve selected a couple of the best-rated Sumitomo tyre models below along with their ratings for treadwear, traction, and temperature.

Model of Sumitomo Tire

Tire Type Score for Treadwear

Traction Rating

Score for Temperature

Passenger HTR A/S P02 (H- or V-Speed Rated)


All-season 600 A A

Passenger HTR Enhance L/X (T-Speed Rated)

standard travel

All-season 700 A B

ATT Light truck/SUV encounter

All-terrain 600 A B

Passenger LS Touring

standard travel

All-season 520 A B

The UTQG scores for your existing tyres can be found on the sidewalls of your tyres.

Top-Rated Sumitomo Tires

The traction, handling, and stability of the most popular Sumitomo models are praised. For coupes, light trucks, and SUVs, the business offers significant all-season types in addition to superb high-performance tyres. Additionally, these top-rated tyres provide extensive tread life warranties, many of which are between 60,000 and 70,000 miles.

We’ve listed some of the most well-liked Sumitomo tyres that are currently on the market below.

P02 for Sumitomo HTR A/S (W-Speed Rated)

Ultra-high-performance all-season tyres are one type of tyre.

Price per tyre: $95.97 to $126.82

Maximum Tread Life: 65,000 miles

Owners of sports cars and others who enjoy driving fast should choose the Sumitomo HTR A/S P02 (W-Speed Rated) tyre. The tyre, which also comes in an H- or V-speed type, has an asymmetric tread made of silica compounds for better traction all year long. The performance tire’s 3D sipes, an unusual design for a performance tyre, also allow it to be used for certain winter driving. The HTR A/S P03’s successor enhances the model’s capabilities for driving in cold climates.

HTR Z III Sumitomo

Maximum performance summer tyres

$105.02 for each tyre

No listed tread life

The Sumitomo HTR Z III is your best option if you’re looking for a performance tyre that won’t break the bank. The tyre provides a smooth ride, excellent stability, and noteworthy traction in both dry and rainy conditions. This performance tyre has an asymmetric, silica-enhanced tread, similar to many Sumitomo tyres.

H/T Sumitomo Encounter

Tire type: All-season highway tyres

Price per tyre: $102.99 to $210.99

Tread Life: 60,000 miles or more

Depending on the tyre size, the Encounter H/T can support loads up to 3,750 pounds. It offers an extended tread life guaranty and excels at both wet and dry braking. Four circumferential grooves and a symmetric tread pattern on this Sumitomo tyre help to prevent hydroplaning on wet surfaces.

LS T Sumitomo Touring

Tire type: All-season standing touring tyre

Between $71.99 and $102.99

Maximum Tread Life: 65,000 miles

Sizes of the Sumitomo Touring LS T are available for crossovers, minivans, sedans, and passenger automobiles. Even though it might not be the greatest model for snow and ice, this all-season tyre has good traction on both dry and wet surfaces. The symmetric tread pattern provides even wear, while the tire’s fuel efficiency and tread life are improved by the use of a carbon black component.

Guarantees for Sumitomo Tires

Sumitomo provides a restricted manufacturer warranty, just like most tyre manufacturers. After the first purchase, the company offers a six-year warranty on its tyres, protecting customers in the event that their tyres malfunction as a result of poor materials or craftsmanship. The tread life warranties offered by Sumitomo are superior. The majority of its products include warranties that are longer than the industry standard of 50,000 miles.

Sumitomo Tires Price

The cost of Sumitomo tyres is in the low to mid range. Most models cost $100 on average. Sumitomo doesn’t make tyres that are particularly inexpensive (between $50 and $60), but its goods also don’t frequently exceed $165. Drivers looking for tyres that are less expensive than those from well-known companies yet of higher quality than your typical budget tyre might consider Sumitomo models.

The cost of a few Sumitomo tyres is as follows:

Reviews of Sumitomo tyres

The overall value of Sumitomo tyres is appreciated since they provide good performance without being too pricey. The company’s technological innovations have also earned it numerous design and eco-sustainability accolades throughout the years. According to our analysis, the majority of Sumitomo models have a customer rating of approximately 4.0 stars.

Positive reviews of Sumitomo tyres

Very quiet highway driving, a pleasant ride, responsive handling, excellent grip, and excellent braking in all situations are all features of the Sumitomo HTR Enhance L/X tyres.

The 90% reduction in tyre noise is [my] first driving impression. Compared to washboard and bumpy, uneven roads, the ride is much smoother. Driving in cities and on highways has greatly improved

Negative reviews of Sumitomo tyres

It’s really noisy [from the Sumitomo Touring LS T tyres. I was going wild with these tyres. I had no idea how annoying a loud tyre could be because I had never experienced one.

Uncertain of what transpired with [the Sumitomo HTR Sport H/P] tyres. On the same truck, I was using a second set of the identical tyre in the same size. The first pair functioned ok, rode good, and wore nicely. This new set rode horribly and was impossible to balance. After only a few weeks, they too started to feather terribly and became [very] noisy.

The Last Word on Sumitomo Tires: 3.5 Stars

For drivers searching for high performance tyres that are both good quality and affordable, Sumitomo has some great options. The firm, particularly its Encounter series, makes well-liked all-season variants for trucks and SUVs. The product lineup at Sumitomo is not the most varied, though. Sumitomo is decent, but not outstanding, therefore we wouldn’t rank them at the top of any of our “best” lists either.

Our Top Tire Recommendations

In our comprehensive tyre evaluation of the market, Michelin and Cooper claimed the top two rankings. The finest brand for customers seeking a wide range of tyre varieties as well as exceptional quality and performance is Michelin. Conversely, Cooper tyres are a fantastic, reasonably priced option for replacement tyres.

4.5 stars on Michelin

Michelin brand

In general, Michelin tyres earn our Best Tires rating. Customers have consistently chosen Michelin for its wide selection of durable tyres, making the brand a market leader for years. Our analysis found that the tyres’ impressive tread life warranties, which cover up to 80,000 miles, assist to justify their high price tags. On our list of the best all-season tyres in the market, the manufacturer also featured a few types.

4.0 Stars on Cooper Tire

Be sure to research Cooper tyres if you’re seeking for cost. According to our analysis, this brand is unrivalled in terms of affordability. Although the company hasn’t been around as long as some of its competitors, who have been in business for over a century, it has already established a solid reputation for its affordable, high-quality tyres.

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