Qualities of a Good Teacher According to Hazrat Mohammad (SAW)

Qualities of a Good Teacher

Becoming a teacher is not a tough job, but becoming a good teacher requires you to adapt qualities defined by Prophet Mohammad SAW. In this article, you will learn those specific traits that qualified teachers embed in their character. 

We know that Prophet Mohammad SAW led such a life that he set an epitome in every walk of life for us. He remained a judge, an administrator, a trader, a ruler, a conqueror, and besides these, he remained a teacher. He always guided his companions in that era and taught them the golden rules of didactics, and his teachings instruct us and will be instructing the forthcoming generation till the day of judgment. 

Prophet Mohammad SAW specified some qualities and attributes of a good teacher. They are:

Showing kindness

Keeping a gentle behavior while teaching leads to a better understanding. In teaching, especially in Islamic education, if teachers adapt kind behavior, students will be more likely to learn quickly and accurately from them. Instead, being a teacher, if you adopt rude behavior, it will lead to the destruction of the student’s career. 

So, Hazrat Mohammad SAW instructed us to show kindness while teaching. He has set an example for us: how should we engage the students with us and remain the best in their eyes.

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Thinking about the betterment of the students 

Only a good teacher can acquire this characteristic to think for the benefit of the students regardless of any personal gain. A good teacher must have the goal to enrich their student with the best of their knowledge. Hazrat Mohammad SAW instructed his companions to practice such attributes and asked them to ask others to do so.

Being humble 

Teachers who show humbleness towards their students are considered good teachers. Teachers should know their students’ weaknesses, and then without taunting the students, they should find humble ways to solve their problems. 

Having wisdom 

True wisdom is the fear of Allah. However, a good teacher has the proper knowledge at the right time for a specific issue. In every matter, the teacher should know the answer and possible solution to handle the dispute. While teaching, good teachers always satisfy their students effectively with their answers and arguments. So, before going to sit on the chair, you should do immense study. Learn about online Quran courses.

Be patient 

Patience is the attribute of only good teachers. Allah SWT and Hazrat Mohammad SAW repeatedly instruct us in the Holy Quran and Hadith to be patient. Especially while teaching, a teacher should patiently listen to the question of the students and answer them carefully. 

Don’t submit a false answer

If you want to become a good teacher, as Hazrat Mohammad, SAW instructed, you have to study the life of Hazrat Mohammad SAW thoroughly and know that how he replied when he did not know the answer. It is not a shame to remain silent when you don’t know, but submitting false answers will result in harsh outcomes. Once Jabir bin Abdullah asked Prophet SAW, “O Allah’s Messenger! What shall I do regarding my property? How shall I distribute it?” the Prophet (PBUH) did not reply till the Divine Verses of inheritance were revealed. (Al-Bukhari 6723). Even Hazrat Mohammed (SAW) remained silent, so his actions are guidelines for us.

Give extra knowledge 

Good teachers constantly enrich their students with extra knowledge. Sometimes, if students must know about a specific matter, being a teacher, you should let them know even if they do not ask at the moment. Als


Going through all these attributes, now we should evaluate ourselves whether we are fulfilling the requirements of becoming a teacher or not. However, we, offer the service of highly qualified and good teachers in religious knowledge and language teaching. You can enroll yourself in many language-learning courses. 

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