Review of Cooper Tires in 2022 A vehicle travelling down a road

Review of Cooper Tires in 2022 A vehicle travelling down a road

Review of Cooper

In our judgement:

For drivers searching for reasonably priced replacement tyres without going over budget, Cooper tyres are a good option. Cooper still competes with Goodyear and Michelin even though it is not the largest tyre producer. Brand loyalty is a common theme in customer feedback; some drivers have been buying Cooper tyres for more than 20 years with little to no complaints. However, several reviews cite problems with the wear life of Cooper tyres.

Industry Position:

Tire Types:


Customer contentment


inexpensive tyre alternatives

tyres made with a priority on safety

tyres with warranties on tread wear of up to 80,000 miles


only produces truck, SUV, and passenger car tyres

a small number of original equipment tyres


Get The Best Deal by Comparing It to What the Dealer Paid

One of the more economical manufacturers in the sector is Cooper Tires. Do Cooper’s cheaper costs, however, imply a reduction in quality?

We’ll go through industry rankings, well-liked Cooper models, tyre prices, and customer testimonials as we talk in-depth about Cooper Tires in this post. Instead than concentrating on a single Cooper Tire type, we’ll examine the Cooper brand as a whole, showing you the company’s advantages and disadvantages and determining which Cooper tyres are the best to buy.

Our study team compared the top 10 tyres currently on the market after conducting research. You might want to contrast Cooper Tires’ tyres with those offered by other reliable manufacturers because they came in at No. 3 on our list. Visit to find prices on the top tyres available from a range of brands.

Overview of Cooper Tires

Although Cooper Tires was founded in 1914, it is still regarded as one of the sector’s more recent tyre producers. The American business initially offered tyre patches and repair kits, but it soon changed direction to become a leading producer of replacement tyres. Ford, Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz have all awarded Cooper Tires original equipment (OE) tyre contracts in recent years.

Cooper accounted for about 5% of North American tyre sales in 2019 despite not being one of the top three tyre manufacturers (Michelin, Goodyear, and Bridgestone). Some of the most economical tyres on the market are those made by Cooper. According to Tire Buyer, Cooper tyres may only cost around $600 for a set of SUV tyres, while other well-known brands can easily cost upwards of $800

Products for vehicles, trucks, SUVs, and minivans are produced by Cooper Tires. It is also an independent manufacturer, which means that only independent dealerships, a few local and national shops, and wholesale websites are used to distribute its products. Finding Cooper tyres may occasionally be challenging due to this.

Industry rankings for Cooper Tires

Like all consumer tyres, Cooper Tires’ products are graded according to the Uniform Tire Quality Grading system developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) (UTQG). This system assesses the traction, tread wear, and temperature resistance of all tyres (apart from winter tyres).

Here is some further information about the operation of UTQG:

Traction: The term “traction” refers to how strongly your tyres “grab” a slick surface. Using AA, A, B, or C, traction grades are ranked from highest to lowest. Standard tyres of good quality typically have an A rating or better.

Treadwear: is a measurement that determines how long a tyre will last and is determined by comparing a tyre to a control. The control has a value of 100, but most passenger tyres have ratings between 300 and 500, lasting three to five times as long as the control.

Temperature resistance:

 This gauges a tire’s heat resistance on a scale of A, B, or C, from highest to lowest. Based on the way tyres are made and how quickly they rotate, this is significant. For instance, because they rotate more quickly, performance tyres typically have higher temperature ratings.

Using information from, we’ve assembled a few well-known Cooper Tires models along with their UTQG rankings below.

Temperature Resistance Cooper Tire Model Tire Type Treadwear Score Traction Score

SUV/crossover Cooper Evolution Tour H/T

All-season 600 A B

All-terrain vehicle Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S

SUVs and trucks

620 A B

Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 Extremely powerful

All-season 500 AA A

Passenger Cooper Trendsetter SE

All-season 440 A B

It’s crucial to remember that the NHTSA does not determine these grades because it does not carry out the testing. Tire testing is handled by separate businesses that manufacturers hire. As a result, these ratings need to be treated with caution.

You can look for the UTQG rating on a Cooper tire’s sidewall to learn more about one you already possess.

popular tyre models from Cooper

Cooper offers OE tyres for Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Ford in addition to replacement tyres. Cooper, the fourth-largest tyre producer in the US, has established a solid reputation as a reliable source for performance, all-terrain, and passenger car tyres.

Some of Cooper’s top-rated tyres are listed on Tire Buyer as:

An all-terrain truck and SUV tyre with a particular hybrid design built for on-road and regular drives is the Cooper Zeon LTZ.

An all-season tyre designed for a comfortable driving experience with a long tread life and cutting-edge safety features is the Cooper Evolution Tour.

A durable all-season tyre with silica compound tread for excellent traction on dry and wet conditions is the Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring.

A stud able winter tyre called the Cooper Evolution Winter is made to reduce road noise, have minimal rolling resistance, and provide the best braking performance in ice and snow.

On Tire Buyer, each of the Cooper tyres mentioned above has at least a 4.0 out of 5.0 rating, demonstrating its popularity and level of customer satisfaction. The tyre industry as a whole holds these models in high regard.

For its goods, Cooper Tires provides both a limited warranty and tread wear protection. Under original ownership, the limited guarantee covers replacement passenger and light truck tyres and covers the replacement of any Cooper tyres that are found to be defective before the tread wears out. Depending on the model, Cooper tread wear prevention has a range of up to 80,000 miles.

Cooper Tires Price

Cooper tyres are renowned for being reasonably priced. On Tire Buyer, common daily tyres like the Cooper Trendsetter SE cost $75 to $85 each. Depending on the tyre size, vehicle type, and tyre specialism, other models cost anywhere from $65 to roughly $475.

It will cost substantially more to buy a set of huge tyres with specialist treads for mud or snow than it would to buy all-season, regular-sized tyres for a car or an SUV. Overall though, Cooper tyres are considerably less expensive than rival brands like Michelin and Goodyear.

Cooper Client Testimonials

We compiled a few Tire Buyer customer reviews to give you a better understanding of how Cooper tyres typically perform on the road. The majority of reviews for Cooper are favorable, although some customers have complained about tyre separation and tread life concerns.

Here are a few testimonials from customers who have used Cooper tyres:

Positive Experiences with Cooper Tires

 They are a terrific first pair that I bought for my truck, which pulls a horse trailer. They still have plenty of tread after 40,000 miles on them.

– Through Tire Buyer, Audio

“I’ve only had the Cooper Discoverer A/T3 XLT tyres on the vehicle for three weeks, but they are as quiet as any tyre, much less an all-terrain tread, and as smooth as glass. On the drive to work, I even rolled down the windows, but I still had no sound.

via Tire buyer – BRK

Negative Cooper Tires experiences

“Tires from Cooper (CS5 Ultra Touring) aren’t worth the cost. These would be OK on a little car, but it is obvious that they are inappropriate on a mid-size SUV. For the past 20 years, I’ve purchased Cooper tyres, but it ends with these.

via Tire Buyer: Lyle

“Good for the money, but I’d suggest spending a little more on something that ought to last longer. [Cooper Trendsetter SE tyres] seem to dry crack and wear out quickly. They make good summer tyres and perform well in dirt, light rain, and snow.

via Tire Buyer: Tito

Our Final Opinions Regarding Cooper Tires

Cooper Tires received a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars from us, and in 2021 we named them the Most Affordable Tire Manufacturer. Cooper is a good alternative for the majority of drivers because of its price range, selection of replacement tyre options, and emphasis on safety. However, Cooper tyres may not be the most long-lasting on the market.

If you’re searching for an OE tyre, we advise contrasting Cooper with a few of our other top tyre options. Shop for Cooper tyres at to get started.

Top Tire Recommendations

We also advise you to look into Michelin and Pirelli while tyre shopping. These companies received high marks in our evaluation of the best tyres in the country and could provide excellent tyre options for your car.

Michelin: Top-Rated Tires

In practically every type of tyre, Michelin provides a solid selection. Michelin tops industry and consumer recommendation lists for summer tyres, all-terrain tyres, and highway commercial tyres. For a durable tyre, we particularly like its Michelin Defender T+H design. offers Michelin tyre comparisons.

Best for High-Performance: Pirelli

Pirelli tyres are available to anyone, even though the tyre maker is best known for producing high-performance tyres for luxury and exotic automobile manufacturers like Maserati and Lamborghini. Additionally, Pirelli manufactures tyres for regular automobiles, trucks, and SUVs. You may purchase high-quality tyres that perform well on both dry and wet roads for a premium price. offers Pirelli tyre comparisons.


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