The Definitive Guide to Subscription Box Packaging

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custom rigid boxes wholesale Prizes are usually only accepted on holidays or special events such as birthdays, weddings, and graduation. Fortunately, the subscription box sends during the specified time period (e.g. once a month, once every 3 months) and imitates the same feelings of tension and joy as receiving a gift on a certain day.

In most options, a subscription box helps cure the product in accordance with the personal preferences of the customer who in return to form a positive retailer relationship. There is a subscription package for everyone’s needs, ranging from clothing to plants, for men, women, and even pets.

Before starting your subscription box, you need to have a strong understanding of what your brand will be represented and what products will be entered. Your brand must convey a positive message that will educate and show your customers what their goals are. Setting a high standard for your box will allow you to launch orders. Carefully what your competitors go to and try to market your box to be better.

Follow these six fundamentals use to succeed in the business of your own subscription box packaging or just to get a better understanding of the subscription box packaging.

1 – type of box

Special packaging is ideal for a subscription box because you can adjust the appearance and feelings to your brand style. Consider this general option when creating your own subscription box!

Mailer box

Minimal custom corrugated mailer box


The mailer box is the best choice for a subscription box because of its sturdy nature. They are made of corrugated cardboard material so it is better to store and protect products through shipping and handling. The sender box can be accessed for special design molds that are easy and can be in a special size!

Fold the cardboard box

Special ovary print fold carton box

Ovary folding cardboard box

The folding cardboard box is very suitable for storing light items because they have a tuck flap on one or both ends of the box to keep the product stable. These boxes are best used to hold single product items such as beauty tools, food, and candles. If you are going to send a different product in 1 subscription box that requires individual packaging, the folding cardboard box is the right choice. Make sure to send it in an external carton (such as a shipping box or mailbox) to ensure this box is protected during transit.

Stiff box

Level57 art studio shoulder and neck rigid box

Level57 Art Studio Rigid Box Studio

For items that are more premium, fragile, or heavy, choose luxurious rigid boxes. Either you package electronics in a 2-piece lid and a basic rigid box, or jewelry packaging or fine accessory in a magnetic closure box, these boxes are upper class symbols. When you come to shipping, you definitely want to package these rigid boxes in an external cardboard (such as shipping boxes or sending boxes).

2 – Increased packaging

The custom bottle boxes placement of the product is the same as the external box packaging. The way your product is packaged in your box must look fun and not too messy. Here are some suggestions about how you can improve unboxing experience with an increase in packaging.

Special box insert

Nail box insert

Nail box insert

Special box inserts, also known as special boxes, are used to secure products on the spot so that they are not thrown during the shipping process. Inserts to do work to keep the product safe and make a good presentation when the customer opens your subscription box. Special box inserts are printed into the shape of your product, and make the perfect companion for your subscription box. They can be used for gifts, candles, bottles, beauty tools, and even heavy products.

Special box divider

Special box divider in a rigid box

The box divider allows the separation between each item. Each compartment can be adjusted to your size preference depending on how many items you decide to match t

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