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This article discusses what is remembered for the cost recorded against each tire on the PitStopArabia site. Assuming you click on the Bridgestone DUELER H/T D840, the site will show the cost like this:


  • The price is for 1 tire and not a complete set, i.e. 4. Please keep this in mind when ordering tires from PitStopArabia.
  • As you all know that the UAE introduced the Value Added Tax (VAT) in 2018. The price mentioned includes the VAT.
  • We deliver tires for free across the UAE. In other words, irrespective of your selected location, PitStopArabia will not charge you any additional amount for delivery. The delivery charges are included in the price.
  • We offer free tire installation, meaning that the price mentioned above includes the installation charges.
  • If your tires are imbalanced, their durability and performance will be compromised. When installing the tires, our installers balance them for free. In other words, tire balancing is included in the price. Check out our article on tire balancing.
  • We also dispose of your old tires for free.

In this way, these are the main things remembered for the cost referenced for every item. Assuming you have any exceptional prerequisites, PitStopArabia will charge extra for them. For instance, assuming you require wheel arrangement, you want to pay independently for it.


Another normal inquiry is the reason do the costs shift for a similar item? For example, you can see that the cost begins from AED 386.25 and goes to AED 566.50. The least difficult clarification is that as the size increments, so does the cost. Furthermore, a few sizes have additional highlights, like run-level or concentrated commotion decrease innovations. The system is like what we find in the cell phone and different businesses. The iPhone comes in various variations, and the costs change for every one of them.


Many individuals attempt to guarantee a guarantee against things that are not covered by our strategy. We just proposition an issue/fabricating imperfection guarantee. It reaches out to 1 year from the date of procurement. Our strategy doesn’t cover things like street perils, track life, and preliminary span. Subsequently, on the off chance that you blow or harm your tires while driving over a pothole or going 4×4 romping, PitStopArabia won’t supplant your tires.


On the off chance that you actually have questions in regards to what is remembered for the tire costs or PitStopArabia’s tire guarantee, if it’s not too much trouble, reach us. Our delegate will answer every one of your questions.

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