What Will the cost of Tesla maintenance be in 2022?

What Will the cost of Tesla maintenance be in 2022

Tesla maintenance costs are very low compared to other luxury models in the market.

All Tesla models come with a factory warranty, and the Model S and Model X also have an extended service contract.

Your annual Tesla maintenance costs may be decreased by extended auto warranties or prepaid maintenance plans.

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Many drivers are drawn to Teslas because self-driving vehicles are the future of the auto industry. But how much does Tesla maintenance cost with all that modern technology?

In this article, we’ll go over Tesla’s suggested maintenance schedules and the price of maintaining and fixing particular car parts. We’ll also go over how using a plan from one of the top extended auto warranty providers, CarShield, can help you keep Tesla car servicing as simple and affordable as possible. Click the link above for a free quote to find out how much a CarShield plan for your Tesla would cost.

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How much does maintaining a Tesla cost?

During the first year of ownership, Tesla maintenance costs are incredibly low. Since Teslas are electric vehicles, several common maintenance procedures are not required, including oil changes, spark plug replacements, fuel filter replacements, and emissions testing. As your Tesla matures, other repairs will be necessary, and normally, your car will let you know through remote diagnostics when maintenance is required.

The most frequent maintenance tasks your Tesla will require within the first year are a tyre rotation, replacement of windshield washer fluid, and replacement of the cabin air filter, according to user evaluations and forums that we read. According to customer reviews, the following are the typical maintenance expenditures for Tesla related with these services:

Average Tesla Maintenance Service Tesla Repair Prices

Rotation of tyres $35 to $100

replacement of windshield wiper blades

$20 to $50

Replace cabin air filters

$60 to $200

Although having your tyres rotated is reasonably cheap, according to Tesla forums, many owners have learned how to maintain their vehicles themselves to save money. If you choose not to entrust a professional with the care of your car, there is always an additional danger.

Schedule for Recommended Tesla Services and Common Repairs

Like most manufacturers, Tesla doesn’t have established maintenance schedules; instead, it suggests servicing your car as needed. This implies that depending on what needs to be maintained, the cost of your Tesla maintenance one year may be either greater or lower than the following.

Tesla does not mandate maintenance schedules; however, it does suggest times at which you might want to think about getting specific services:

Every 6,250 miles, do a tyre rotation, balance, and wheel alignment.

yearly full service inspection

For winter maintenance, replace brake calipers every year or 12,600 miles.

Every two years, cleanse the brake system.

Replace your high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter every three years.

Service for air conditioning varies depending on the model. Model S requires maintenance every two years, Models X and Y every four years, and Model 3 every six.

In order to keep your car functioning like new, maintenance is crucial. Smart drivers regularly monitor remote diagnostics and over-the-air software updates and use Tesla experts for inspections and servicing.

Mobile Maintenance Unit for Tesla

There aren’t many service facilities across the country for Teslas because they have less moving components than your typical combustion vehicle. When you need your filters replaced or your tyres rotated, a Tesla Mobile Service unit may come to you, making services more convenient.

To arrange a Mobile Service visit for a time that works for you, utilize the Tesla app. According to Tesla’s online forums, the vehicle provides numerous fundamental procedures without charge, thus choosing this option can reduce your yearly Tesla maintenance expense. Your app can also help you find the closest Tesla Service Center if you’d like to bring your car into the shop for repairs.

Tesla Repair Prices Under Factory Warranties

You should account for both normal maintenance and unanticipated repairs when estimating your Tesla maintenance costs. Every new Tesla comes with a factory guarantee that covers material and workmanship flaws for the first few years of the car’s lifespan. A breakdown of the Tesla factory warranty is shown below:

Model-term warranty for Tesla

Limitation of Basic Vehicle Warranty

every Tesla model

50,000 kilometres over 4 years

Power Source and Drive Unit

8 years and 150 000 miles for Tesla Model S and Model X

Power Source and Drive Unit

Model 3 and Model Y from Tesla

(Normal Range)

100,000 kilometers over 8 years

Power Source and Drive Unit

Model 3 and Model Y from Tesla

(Long Distance)

80,000 kilometers over 8 years

All Tesla models feature the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS).

5-year/60,000-mile limit

Body Rust 12 years/unlimited miles All Tesla Models

The most complete warranty is the Basic Car Limited Warranty, which includes the majority of Tesla vehicle components. Tesla’s take on a powertrain warranty is the Battery and Drive Unit Limited Warranty. There is a minimum 70% retention of battery capacity for all models during this warranty period.

Extended Service Agreement for Tesla

Although the manufacturer’s original warranty period is relatively long, after it expires you will be responsible for covering all maintenance charges for your Tesla. Tesla provides an Extended Service Agreement (ESA) for its Model S and Model X vehicles to cover repair costs. You might think about getting an aftermarket warranty from an independent supplier if you possess a Model Y or Model 3.

Through the ESA programmer, you can select two or four additional years of coverage after the Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty expires. These agreements do not apply to the battery and drive unit because it will continue to be covered by its own warranty during this time.

Plans must be bought within 30 days or 1,000 miles of the factory warranty’s expiration, whichever comes first. The extended coverage plan can be reduced by $500 if an ESA is purchased during the first 180 days after delivery by a Tesla owner.

The price of an ESA for a Florida citizen buying a Model S is listed below. A $200 deductible will also be required for any repairs or part replacements, so be prepared.


Added Warranty Conditions

Amount If Bought

180 days after delivery

Amount If Bought

a year following delivery

2-year/25,000-mile limit

$2,100 $2,600

50,000 kilometers over 4 years

$4,250 $4,750

Although these costs are greater than the normal extended warranty, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your Tesla is covered in case a costly repair of a sophisticated part is necessary. Additionally, if a breakdown does occur, your budget for Tesla maintenance costs won’t be significantly affected. Any maintenance, warranty, or service agreement can be bought directly from Tesla through the app or at the one that’s closest to you.

Using Third-Party Coverage, Tesla Maintenance Costs Can Be Reduced

Nearly all of what a Tesla warranty offers and more are included in the top third-party extended warranties. It’s crucial to compare rates and costs because not all aftermarket warranty providers provide coverage for electric vehicles.

An essential stage in the process of safeguarding your Tesla is weighing the benefits and drawbacks of extended auto warranties.

Pros of a Third-Party Tesla Warranty

Cons of Third-Party Tesla Warranty

As opposed to Tesla’s two plans, there are typically four to six comprehensive plans to pick from.

Only a few warranty providers offer coverage for luxury brands and electric vehicles.

In an electric car, there are no parts for the powertrain, therefore only bumper to bumper coverage is required.

Plans may not be available for all models and are not exclusive to Teslas.

Offer discounted rates and no-interest payment plans so you can plan for unforeseen Tesla maintenance expenses.

You probably don’t need additional protection if you intend to trade in your Tesla or upgrade to a newer model before your factory warranty ends. To help with Tesla maintenance costs, you should think about getting an aftermarket warranty if you plan to drive your car for a very long time.

Extended Auto Warranties Recommendations

Because not all organizations offer coverage for luxury brands and electric vehicles, it may be challenging to find extended warranty options for your Tesla vehicle. CarShield, a respectable provider of extended auto warranties, does, however, have options for Tesla cars.

The Most Affordable CarShield for Tesla Owners

CarShield is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for an industry-leading warranty provider that provides extended warranties for Tesla drivers. There are six warranty coverage tiers available from CarShield, but these are the four that might be the most suitable for your Tesla:

Diamond: Best bumper-to-bumper protection for new automobiles

Platinum: The finest stated-component coverage for vehicles with high mileage

Gold: The greatest enhanced powertrain coverage for owners of shaky automobiles

Aluminum: A specialty strategy that works best for high-tech vehicles like Teslas

With the exception of California, CarShield has been in business for 16 years. Currently, Trustpilot, a reliable review website, has given the business a customer rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars and our review team has given it a rating of 4.2 stars.

Roadside assistance, towing, and reimbursement for rental cars are included with all CarShield plans for self-driving and electric vehicles. In the event that your Model X runs out of fuel before reaching a supercharger, these extra services are an excellent backup plan.

Our thorough CarShield review can assist you in getting started if you’re interested in learning more about the extended warranty protection offered by this supplier. You can also request a free quote below to find out how much a CarShield plan for your Tesla would cost.

Most Economical Provider

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars by us


Questions and Answers

How much does maintaining a Tesla cost?

Which Tesla model you drive will determine how much it will cost you to maintain it. Tire rotations, new wiper blades, and a replacement cabin air filter are expected expenses within the first year that might total $350 in total.

How durable are Tesla batteries?

Tesla’s high-voltage batteries do experience capacity deterioration over time with regular use. Within the first eight years of ownership, if your battery capacity falls below a 70% retention, Tesla will provide a replacement as part of the Battery and Drive Unit Limited Warranty.

Are Teslas labor-intensive to maintain?

No, compared to a gas vehicle, a Tesla does not need as much maintenance, which helps keep your Tesla maintenance costs low. This is due to the fact that these cars have a much less number of moving components than cars with internal combustion engines that run on gas.

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